Pergola Covers and Shades in Boston and New England

Pergola Cover and Shade Photo Gallery
Improve your pergola with a cover or shade

Pergolas and other outdoor architectural structures can provide an interesting look and feel but frequently do not provide the amount of blockage from the sun or elements that is desired.

A variety of design approaches can be used to address this issue.

Pergola top-covers can be fabricated that go on top of an existing pergola structure. These can be as simple as a piece of fabric that is stretched over the top of the pergola – or an added framework constructed on which a fabric is attached. These approaches typically are put up in the spring and removed in the fall.

Retractable approaches: There are a number of retractable designs, including panels of fabric in tracks that nestle between the pergola rafters, or larger track based retractable awnings that can sit above the structure. These ‘retractable’ designs can be opened or closed as desired.

Retractable Roof:  We also can provide a product that is more like a retractable roof.  It is a fabric structure that runs on it's own integrated Post and Rail system.  When projected, the fabric is pulled out along track-rails until it is fully taught.  It can be designed with an integrated guttering system and stands up to the wind and weather much better than the Lateral arm retractables which don't have posts or rails for support.

Example Pergola Covers and Shades

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