Health Care Awnings & Canopies in Boston and New England

Dorchester Awning Company has a long standing reputation for providing awnings and canopies to the Health Care industry including hospitals, clinics, medical offices, doctors and dentists in greater Boston and New England.

Awning & Canopy Features for the Health Care Industry

  • Entrance Canopies, Walkway Canopies and Handicap Ramp Awnings
  • Mobile Medical truck/trailer Interface Canopies and Ambulance Entrance Canopies
  • Stationary Canopies and Patio Awnings to provide outdoor seating and dining
  • Smoking Shelters – providing a protected spot for smokers that is outside the building
  • Side panels and screens to provide added protection from weather and insects
  • Retractable awnings to provide either shade or open air as desired
  • Customized fabric and tension structures
  • Logos and Graphics on the awning can provide just the right level of Information

Dorchester Awning strives to exceed requirements at the best possible price and time frame. When working with facilities that are open for business, we are conscious of operating with the least possible disruption to staff and clients.

Because we are a full service organization, we provide the complete range of services including Awning Design, Permit Processing, Fabrication of new awnings, Recovering of existing canopies, and Seasonal Take-down / Storage / Put-up as well as Awning Cleaning and Repair Services.

We are expert at customizing various fabric structures to meet specific needs or applications.

Our professional staff will work with your architects & engineers, project managers or directly with business owners/representatives to develop the design details that will ensure a structurally sound, useful and elegant solution.

Our commitment does not end when the awning project is complete -- we stand behind our products and provide continued support. We want our customers to be customers for life.

Example Health Care Awning Photographs:

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