Curtains, Side Panels and Solar Shades

Extend the use of your outdoor areas with the addition of extra protection from the elements.

Side curtains or solar shades can be fabricated to block rain, sun or insects. They come in a variety of different styles and can be custom fabricated to protect:

  • Large or small stand-alone canopies or awnings
  • Attached stationary deck canopies and patio awnings
  • Covered ramps and walkways, canopies, smoking shelters, porches
  • and a variety of other structures.

Types and Styles for Side Curtains, Side Panels and Solar Shades

There is a broad range of designs for these products. All of the designs can be made from a variety of fabrics including standard awning fabrics, vinyl “windows”, solar screen material, bug screening, etc. The main design approaches are:

Lace-on: The simplest approach is a fabric or clear vinyl panel that has a perimeter of grommets and laces in place. These are frequently used for bridge walkways and hand railings as wind blocks where the fabric is put up and intended to be left for a period of time.

  • Zippered Roll-up: One of the most popular approaches for restaurants and other stationary awning or porch applications is to provide curtains with zippered sides and a stiff weighted bottom. When weather is nice the curtains are unzipped at the sides and rolled up out of the way (retained with Velcro straps at the top)…then unfurled when the side panels are to be down. Zippers on the side help secure the panels in place.
  • Fixed Panel: An alternative to the above is to create a side panel that is made from a fixed frame – like a picture frame. The frame is constructed of galvanized steel tube and the fabric is stretched tight onto the frame. The result is a more rigid and endurable product – but it is stored away as a large panel instead of a rolled up item.
  • Motorized or Manual Cassetted Roller Retractable: These units come for either external or internal applications and typically are used with solar shade or blocking material to provide shading from strong sun over windows, deck openings and other areas. They can also be outfitted with clear vinyl to provide wind and rain protection.

Example Curtains, Side Panels and Solar Shades

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