Awning & Canopy Winter Storage, Cleaning and Repair

Awning & Canopy Repairs, Storage and Cleaning Services in Cape Cod, Boston and New England

Awning Storage & Re-install

We highly value our many Commercial and Residential awning customers and have developed follow-on services to help them maintain their awnings and canopies in the best conditions. We offer a service to Take-down, Store, and Re-install customer awnings and canopies on a yearly basis. We have recently upgraded this service to include advance ‘date planning’ – setting target dates for take-down and re-installation. This allows us to schedule in advance and avoids the complaints frequently heard about other storage companies that their customers have to wait weeks to get their awnings.

Awning Repairs in Boston and New England

As awnings are removed in the fall, we check them for issues and work with you to implement repairs over the course of the winter. Our expert stitching staff can make a wide variety of repairs to keep your canopies in great shape.

Awning Cleaning

In addition to Storage and Repair, we offer a cleaning service. Depending on the environment, some awnings can become quite soiled. We can clean your awnings, canopies and other outdoor fabric items, bringing them to an almost new look and re-applying the protective coatings.