Awning & Canopy Design Process

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The Dorchester Awning Company creates custom designs for each awning system to fit your exact requirements. Here are some of the steps we go through in developing the perfect awning just for you or your business.

Awning Design Steps

  • When we custom design an awning or canopy, we take many issues into consideration to ensure that you receive the best-possible solution for your needs.
  • First we will sit with you to discuss your requirements, to understand your home or business "personality," and to determine your price range.
  • We will also show you examples of different awning/canopy styles, color combinations, and materials.
  • We review your home or commercial building in order to creatively understand how the awning styles you favor will work in that setting.
  • We typically do a computer model of what your awning/canopy will look like on your home or building and make adjustments based on your considerations.
  • Graphics, particularly for commercial applications, can be an important part of the end product. We work with you, sometimes through many iterations to achieve the look and feel that is just right.
  • Once you have approved the design, our experienced personnel begin to create your awning in our shop. If we have questions along the way, we will be in touch.
  • When completed, your awning or canopy is installed by our team of experienced installers. If any adjustments are needed, we will naturally make them.
  • After installation, relax and begin to enjoy the many benefits of your new awning!

Awning and Canopy Colors

Awnings and Canopy ColorsAwnings and Canopy ColorsIf you thought awnings and canopies just came in solid colors or a few optional patterns, you have not reviewed the rich variety of colors and patterns available from the world's top fabric manufacturers. Our awnings can be created in any of hundreds of patterns and colors -- and because we have a highly skilled stitching team, we can create unique combinations of color stripes and patterns.

Below are just a few of the many color and pattern choices you have when you purchase from us. You can see other examples by reviewing the offerings of the high-quality fabric lines we carry.