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Why Do Business Awnings Matter?

Digital Strategies Support - Saturday, November 25, 2017

Looking for a way to stand out from the competition and draw more customers to your business? Business awnings can help you do that and improve your store's energy efficiency and curb appeal as well. 

At Dorchester Awning, you can customize the materials, color scheme, and logo design to match the branding image of your business. Commercial business awnings offered at Dorchester Awning could increase your sales, increase your usable space, and get more customers through the door. 

Whether you need a canopy or awning for your business, we can help. In fact, Dorchester Awning is full service and provides seasonal takedowns, awning storage, customized awning designs, and fabrication of brand-new awnings. 

Tangible Benefits of Customized Commercial Awnings 

Commercial awnings have been shown to increase the visual, aesthetic appeal of your business storefront and let customers know exactly how they can stay in touch. 

Along with your business name and logo, you can put your business phone number, email address, and anything else that you think would help customers get in touch on a business awning where everyone can see it. 

Stand Out From the Competition 

Putting yourself in the customers' shoes, you can see how a customized business awning would be a huge attention grabber. Customers walking or driving by might not distinguish one storefront from another unless there's something that really draws their eye in. 

Commercial business awnings and business canopies come in a variety of engaging colors that are sure to turn heads. Dorchester Awning offers literally hundreds of colors, patterns, and fabric material combinations so that you can stand out from the competition. 

Provide Shelter From the Elements 

Business awnings can provide a much-needed respite for your customers as they're scrambling to get out of the rain. 

The closer those customers get to your business the better. You might even find that a business awning both attracts customers looking to avoid a downpour and keeps the front of your storefront cleaner

Having a business awning protect your storefront from rain and snow could mean that customers get more of a chance to see the deals in your window and that your store stays cleaner since customers won't be tracking as much of mother nature into your store. 

Increase Your Usable Space 

Business awnings and commercial canopies come in a surprising array of different styles to serve your business needs. 

Concave and open-wing awnings are popular choices for restaurants. Dome awnings, on the other hand, are a great match for condos and apartments. 

If you're looking to offer outdoor tables at your restaurant, for example, then you might also want to consider commercial stationary awnings. An outdoor awning in front of your restaurant can let you put up a chalkboard of the day's specials; if you're running a cafe, an awning out front lets your customers enjoy their morning coffee and the fresh air. 

The fact is that exterior commercial awnings can dramatically improve your restaurant's usable space: You can easily match the awning's color scheme to your brand's colors. 

Restaurants, universities, libraries, and small businesses could also benefit from offering customers awnings over outdoor bike racks and smoking shelters. 

Energy Efficiency and Commercial Awnings 

A good share of your store's heat gain in the summer is probably coming through your front windows. Installing an awning effectively blocks the sun and lets you save more money that would otherwise go towards cooling down the store. 

If you're looking to corral more customers, expand your usable space, and make your business more energy efficient, then contact Dorchester Awning to get started today. Quotes are absolutely free! 

J commented on 08-Jan-2018 06:06 PM
Lots of great points, of course awnings add value! But I think you already knew that!

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