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What Types of Commercial Awnings Are Out There to Choose From?

Digital Strategies Support - Tuesday, May 21, 2019

If you’re a business owner looking to add charm and visual interest to the exterior of your commercial property, you might be pleased to know there are many types of commercial awnings that can do that for you, in stylish and versatile ways. Commercial awnings not only add a fresh design element to your windows and doorways, they’re a terrific way to call attention to your services or brand, separate yourself from your competitors, and make a first impression that speaks to your attention to detail. Let’s take a look at how Dorchester Awning can beautify and add value to your business.

Form and Function

With respect to types of commercial awnings and their design, when narrowing down your choices you’ll first need to consider purpose. What are your new awnings meant to accomplish? Will they serve mostly for aesthetics, or are they a functional addition? Sometimes, awnings are simply intended to provide a little old-fashioned visual interest; other times, they’ve been installed to protect customers against the elements or provide shade. Your ultimate goal, whether form or function (or a little of both), will play a role in determining what shape and style of awning you choose. Additionally, depending on where you’d like your awnings to hang — whether over doorways or windows— you’re going to want to choose a fit and style that works best given the architecture. Considerations like safety, stability, and drainage will also come into play as you whittle down your choices.

With that said, Dorchester Awning offers seven basic styles of awning, and all of them work well commercially. Concave awning styles are popular options for businesses with large window spans, whereas convex structures are often used above windows and openings that span corners. Dome-shaped awnings have a traditional, classic appeal and are perfect above single entrances and doorways — and are also a popular style choice to use indoors. And while at first glance, seven styles might not seem like a lot, rest assured when it comes to types of commercial awnings, there are almost an infinite number of variations that can be constructed, making every awning uniquely designed to fit a particular space and provide a certain look and feel.

Customized Structures to Meet Your Needs

If none of our seven basic awning styles fit the bill, you’ll be glad to know we’re also experts at creating customized structures that can meet your unique and specialized needs. Over the many decades we’ve been in business, we’ve become highly experienced at designing large stand-alone steel and fabric reception halls, extended restaurant dining areas, retractable roof structures, and more. We’ll work with engineers, architects, and project managers to ensure your covering is a structurally sound, useful and elegant solution. In short, we’re confident there isn’t any situation or need that we can’t address in a way that will leave completely satisfied in every way.

We can help you choose from our many types of commercial awnings. Contact Dorchester Awning today for your free estimate.

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