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Traditional Awnings: Why the Classic Look is Sticking Around

Digital Strategies Support - Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Traditional awnings have been an architectural institution for hundreds of years. Traditional Window Awnings – are the same as they have been for years.  You will recognize the ‘old fashioned’ rope and pulley mechanism to pull the awnings up and down – they were the first version of retractable awnings.  These traditional window awnings greatly reduce the heat load on a building during the summer months.  And… you can leave your windows wide open even during a heavy rain.  Businesses and homeowners alike love the convenience, comfort,and beauty these awnings provide. Dorchester Awnings has been producing awnings for more than one hundred years, and in that time we’ve gotten to know the many reasons why everyone loves traditional awnings. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the reasons why this old classic is still beloved.

Helping Families Enjoy Their Yards

One of the most popular uses of traditional awnings is in residential homes.  In addition to the Traditional Window Awning, already discussed is the large format patio or deck awning.  This awning typically has a metal framework and a fabric top.  Homeowners love that they can install an awning in order to enjoy their yard more thoroughly. Nothing can get in the way of summer fun like not being able to gather in the backyard. The bright sun can be hot and blinding, making it difficult to enjoy time outside. An awning provides welcome relief from this brightness, along with comfortable and cooling shade.  And for those people concerned about skin cancer – also allows being outdoors without worrying about the harmful rays of the sun.

Dorchester Awnings help families gather outside for barbecues, parties, or just a relaxing cup of coffee during the warmer months. Our design experts know just how to come up with custom awnings for every family’s needs. We’ll help you find just the right awnings incorporating colors and materials that suit your home and your region.

Making Businesses Accessible and Comfortable

Traditional awnings also help businesses to enhance their exterior while providing valuable comfort to customers. Dorchester Awnings has been working with business owners for more than a century to design custom awnings that incorporate their company colors and names. With our help, your awning will function as an attention-grabber for passers-by. Business owners also love that our awnings keep their entrances clean and safe, shielding clients from the elements as they walk in the door.

There are many different types of business awnings to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a retractable or fixed awning, our experts will help you select the right design for your needs.

Enhancing Restaurants and Resorts

Traditional awnings are also a favorite among restaurateurs. The right awning can turn an uncomfortable outdoor space into an inviting and enjoyable patio. Dorchester Awnings doesn’t just have experience making smaller awnings for homes and storefronts – we also can design larger awnings for outdoor dining or recreation areas.

Restaurateurs love that traditional awnings can increase the amount of seating they can provide. Customers love to dine outside during the warmer months, but restaurants without comfortable seating are unable to accommodate them. If you’re looking to enhance your patio area, a Dorchester Awning is a much more elegant and convenient option than umbrellas, which require more time and maintenance. Traditional awnings also are a great option for resorts that are looking to make their poolsides or smoking areas more comfortable. No matter the circumstance, Dorchester Awnings can build just the right awning solution for you. Check out our website for examples of the many commercial awnings we’ve created!

Dorchester Awnings’ traditional awnings have been a favorite since 1901. Contact us today to start the process of designing the perfect awning for your home or business!

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