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Same Deals, Different Year!

Digital Strategies Support - Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Why pay extra when you can continue to get the same great retractable awning deals from 2015 in 2016! At Dorchester Awnings, we offer amazing products for great prices. When you purchase from Dorchester Awnings, you won’t just get amazing service, but you’ll get top quality products too. Right now is a great time to order your custom retractable awnings whether for patio or deck, over door entrances or over windows. Pay 2015 prices even through 2016.


Residential awnings can be beneficial to a homeowner in many ways:

  • Electrical Costs: When you have awnings outside your home, it can help shade your home from the sun which helps your air conditioner so it doesn’t have to work so hard, therefore cutting down on electrical costs.
  • Save wear and tear from the elements on your outside furniture: The sun can cause a lot of damage to your outside furniture and that doesn’t even cover what the rain can do. When your outside furniture is underneath an awning, the furniture will be protected much more effectively.
  • Enhances the look of your home: Have you ever been more attracted to a business that has an awning inside or outside of their building? It’s because the awning gives it a more appealing look. This goes for your home too! By installing an awning, the overall look of your home can become enhanced.
  • Wide variety to choose from: At Dorchester Awnings, we offer such a wide selection that you can get the exact awning that you want for your home. Not only do we offer different looks that cater to everyone’s individual sense of style, but our awnings also can come in a variety of different materials too. Contact us to find out which option will best suit your needs!

So take advantage of this great pricing opportunity for retractable awnings and check out all the great high-quality products that we offer at Dorchester Awnings. By ordering now, you will be able to get your retractable awning installation quicker rather than waiting for Spring or Summer of 2016, our busiest time of the year and it reduces lead time for the manufacturing of your awning. So don’t wait—take advantage of this offer now! Give us a call at 800-649-8686 or visit our website   

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