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Retractable Awnings Are the Perfect Addition to Any Home or Business!

Digital Strategies Support - Friday, November 22, 2019

If you’d like to add value, charm, and interest to your home or business, and are thinking that retractable awnings might be the way to do that, we think you’re on the right track! At Dorchester Awning, we’re experts at designing, creating, and installing retractable awnings in Massachusetts, and our 100+ years of business is testimony to that. We’ve helped thousands of property owners beautify their homes and businesses with our awnings and canopies, and can do the same for you, too.

Your Vision Brought to Life

When you rely on Dorchester Awning for your retractable awnings in Massachusetts, you can count on thorough, professional, and expert services that’ll result in exactly what it is you’re looking for. Whether it’s your home or your business you want to improve, we’ll work with you from start to finish to make sure your retractable awnings are exactly right. We’ll help you narrow down design options, color choices, and awning shape, taking into account what it is you hope to achieve and what your budget is. We’ll listen to your feedback, and we’ll take the time to visit your property to get a better sense of its architecture and your neighborhood. Our talented team will then create your retractable awnings to meet your exact specifications, and our installers will make sure they hang right, look right, and work right — guaranteed! Our commitment to quality and service has made us the leading provider of retractable awnings in Massachusetts, and we’re very proud of that fact.

A Versatile Choice

Retractable awnings are a terrific choice for many reasons, not the least of which is their versatility — they are there when you need them, and tucked away when you don’t! This versatility is achieved by their construction: they’re designed around jointed frames that allow owners to either extend the awning to provide cover, or to retract it so it remains out of sight. And there’s no struggling involved, as it’s all done with the touch of a button or the gentle turn of a crank. When used over patios or decks, retractable awnings create safe and attractive outdoor spaces that are protected from the elements. When used over windows and doors, they add visual interest, protect furnishings from damaging exposure to sunlight, and can even keep your home or business significantly cooler in the summer months. All this makes retractable awnings a truly versatile choice!

Made to Last a Lifetime

Retractable awnings do no one any good if they aren’t crafted to last a lifetime, and at Dorchester Awning, we make sure each and every one of our awnings is made to survive season after season. All our products are subject to our rigorous design and installation standards, but because retractable awnings have moving parts, they require a little extra attention to detail. They’re made to withstand greater upward or downward force, employing the most rugged shoulder and elbow joints, stainless steel hardware, and high-grade powder-coated finishes. From its technology and moving parts, to its fabric and style, your retractable awning will look and operate beautifully for generations. Furthermore, our experts will be able to address any problem or concern you might have with your retractable awnings down the road — which means we’ve got you covered!

To find out more about versatile retractable awnings in Massachusetts, get in touch with us today!

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