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The Awnings Blog - Dorchester Awning

While our trained professionals are the ones handling your awning installation, you still want to know about the process, what your options are, and what you can expect afterward. Learn more today.

Our Customers Make Us Who We Are

Digital Strategies Support - Tuesday, July 09, 2019

When customers trust us to design, craft, and install their new residential or commercial awnings, we take those tasks seriously. Unlike other awning companies, we know that when you’ve decided to add beauty and value to your property with an awning, you deserve and expect to get the very best for your investment.  Your awnings are meant to look good and last a lifetime, and at Dorchester, we do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations, delivering products you can be proud of and service you can count on. It’s what has allowed us to stay in business for over 100 years, while other awning companies have come and gone.

We Work Closely with You

Whether you want to add awnings to your home or to your business, when you come to us with your ideas, we listen. We want to know as much as possible about your property, your goals, and your budget, so we can help you make the right choices about style, colors, and materials. Once we’ve gathered some preliminary information, we’ll schedule a time to visit your property and get a sense of its architecture and layout, and its relationship to the buildings or landscape around it. We’ll also generate a computer model of what your awning or canopy will look like on your home or business and make changes or adjustments as needed. We do all this because the very last thing we want is to create and install awnings or canopies that don’t truly feel like they belong as part of your property. We want you, and everyone around you, to see them and not be able to imagine your home or office without them. Our attention to detail, and the care we put into creating and installing every awning for every customer, virtually guarantees this happy outcome.

Our Vendor Relationships Make the Difference

It’s not enough to work closely with customers to make sure they get what they want and deserve; We know designing a beautiful awning or canopy — or any of our other products —  is pointless if it can’t be made with top-of-the-line materials, so we’re proud to say we’ve partnered with some of the very best vendors in the industry.  Their quality and craftsmanship allow us to provide our customers with unparalleled products that other awning companies simply can’t match. We also pride ourselves in offering our customers valuable services they can depend on time and time again after their awnings have been installed. We will store and reinstall your awnings in the winter and spring, respectively, and can clean and repair your awnings using expert methods that guarantee they’ll be functional and beautiful for decades. We stand behind everything we make and do, because at Dorchester Awning, the customer always comes first.

We know people have choices when it comes to most things, and awning companies are no exception. We’ve spent many lifetimes listening to our customers, working closely with them, and meeting or exceeding their expectations. We’ve done it for them — and we can do it for you, too!

We are passionate about our work, and it shows. If you’re interested in learning more about how awnings can beautify your property, contact us today.

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