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Locking in 2015 Pricing for 2016 Installation of Retractable Awnings

Digital Strategies Support - Tuesday, December 22, 2015

When you hear the words curb appeal, it usually refers to the front of a home's exterior. This is the area where guests and neighbors get the first impression of your home. However, not all the so-called curb appeal has to be limited to the front of the house. You can even improve your backyard area a great deal by installing retractable awnings or even side panels to help block out the sun.


This type of awning can transform your patio or deck and allow you to truly enjoy the outdoors. Here are some of the many benefits to consider when installing retractable awnings or side panels:

Lock in Your Pricing Now Until the End of February

Although you might get the most enjoyment out of our products in the warmer months, now is a great time to take advantage of our special offers on retractable awnings provided by us at The New Dorchester Awning Company. For a few hundred dollars, we will come out to your property to measure for an awning or side panel. This will allow you to lock in 2015 prices for next year’s installation.

By ordering now, you will be able to get your installation quicker rather than waiting for Spring or Summer of 2016, our busiest time of the year, and it reduces lead time for the manufacturing of your awning.  So don’t wait – take advantage of this offer now.

You'll Have Protection from the Sun

During the summer, the sun will blaze high in the sky for long periods of the day. Too often, that direct sunlight can force you indoors. With retractable awnings or side panels in place, you'll be protected from the sun while still enjoying the warm weather.

Doctors advise that you should wear sunscreen whenever you plan to be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Those penetrating UVA and UVB rays can have a serious impact on your skin with a painful sunburn being the most common problem. Sitting under an awning can keep that from happening.

That same awning will also protect your patio furniture from the sun's blasting rays. All it takes is one summer of constant exposure to have the color faded from your furniture. A retractable awning can help keep that furniture looking like new.

You'll Stay Cool

Another reason for an installation is that it can contribute to lower energy bills. If you’re constantly running your AC in the summer, then you'll experience a significant spike in your utility bills. Having an awning that covers your back porch and windows can significantly cool down the house. Without that direct sunlight, you might not feel the need to crank up the air conditioner.

All that shade can also have a cooling affect when sitting outdoors. You can get all the benefits of the fresh air without overheating. This means being able to spend even more time relaxing on your patio or deck thanks to retractable awnings.

You'll Enjoy Your View

Is the view from your backyard one of the amazing features of your home? You should be enjoying that view every day, but sometimes that’s a challenge with the sun beating down from overhead. Retractable awnings and side panels manage to block the sun but they don't block those views.

Because they are retractable, you can easily adjust the awnings to track the flow of the sun. This allows you to maximize your time outdoors. Whether you're grilling, reading, or just relaxing, you want to do it in comfort which is exactly what awnings can provide.

But our products don’t just cover homes. If you need an awning for something like resorts, businesses, golf clubs, or yacht clubs, we cover that too! We offer a wide selection of awnings, so you'll have your pick of color, fabric, and size that’s most appropriate for your property.

Not only can retractable awnings improve the quality of life, but they can also increase your home or business’s value. Order today and your awnings could be installed next year but at this year's amazing price. Contact us today to a get quote and get in the shade!

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