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How We Help the Healthcare Industry

Digital Strategies Support - Friday, August 23, 2019

We pride ourselves in helping people beautify their homes with our stylish and elegant awnings and canopies, and because we’re sought out by so many homeowners, you might think we limit our business to just residential applications. In fact, we have a very long history of serving all sorts of commercial clients throughout New England, and that is particularly evident than in the relationships we’ve built with many of the area’s health care facilities. Because these businesses specialize in meeting the health and medical needs of a community, it’s especially important that they be safe and welcoming places to visit. Dorchester Awning understands this, which is why so many hospitals, health centers, and clinics have turned to us for their commercial awnings in Boston.

Protecting Walkways and Ramps

Hospitals, healthcare clinics, rehabilitation centers, and other similar facilities tend to see a lot of foot traffic as people come and go to keep appointments or visit loved ones. These businesses need to present themselves professionally and be especially attuned to the needs of their visitors. Many of these facilities, like large hospitals and rehab centers, are complexes of buildings with large open areas for people to sit, eat, or get some fresh air. We can protect these areas from sun or rain with canopies, curtains, and side panels, making them more pleasant or useful to people who may need them most. These facilities also tend to have a lot of walkways, ramps, and sidewalks that link one building to the next. It’s important that these areas be protected against inclement weather, which Dorchester Awning can achieve with our top-of-the-line canopies and ramp awnings. We can also create ambulance entrance canopies, smoking shelters, and side panels and screens to protect against bad weather and insects.

We Stay Out of the Way

When providing commercial awnings in Boston, we’re always mindful of a business’s need to do business while we’re on site, and this is especially true when working at healthcare facilities. Hospitals and clinics can’t close down to accommodate our crews. We know we have to work around their schedules and their routines while they tend to the needs of people. That means we go out of our way not to get in the way of patients, visitors, and healthcare providers. We make sure to install our awnings or canopies during the least busy times of day, and always with the goal of being as courteous, efficient, and as safe as possible.

 Working with Other Professions

Often times, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab centers undergo large-scale modifications or improvements that include updating their facades, incorporating the installation of awnings or canopies. That usually means other professions will be involved to oversee these projects, and Dorchester Awning has extensive experience with this. Our expert staff can work with architects, engineers, and project managers directly, making it less stressful for clients and ensuring a structurally sound, useful and elegant awning or canopy solution.

If you’d like to find out more about commercial awnings in Boston and how Dorchester Awning is a leader in their design and installation, get in touch today.

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