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Enhance Your Branding with Awnings

Digital Strategies Support - Tuesday, April 11, 2017

As a business owner, you’re accustomed to burnishing your brand. You advertise it whenever you can afford to. You tout it to anyone who will listen. And you protect it at all costs, knowing that you must be selective about the forums in which it appears.

It’s hard work, the business of burnishing a brand. And sometimes it can feel like a full-time job—as if your actual job description were brand ambassador.

As you exert energy to burnish your brand (and hopefully reap the returns), don’t overlook one of the easiest and most effective ways to advertise, tout, and protect your brand: installing an awning right over your business’s front door:

Advertise Your Brand by Installing an Awning

  • An awning advertises your brand because it is a literal canvas for your business’s name and logo and, if room permits, your phone number and web address, too. You’ve heard business owners lament that they struggle to find ways to “get their name out there.” An awning achieves this goal every day, exposing your good name to whomever walks and drives by.
  • An awning advertises your brand repeatedly after a one-time investment, so an awning is one of the most cost-effective purchases you can make. You know what you spend on other forms of advertising and marketing. Every exposure and every mass “drop” of direct mail costs you money with no guaranteed return on your investment. An awning pays huge dividends every day for as long as you keep it.

Tout Your Brand by Installing an Awning

  • An awning touts your brand by trumpeting you as an innovator. Awnings are still the exception, not the rule, in many business districts, partly because it takes time, effort, and the right company to produce a high-quality awning. When you put your good name on an awning, you’re announcing to the world (or at least your corner of it) that your business is of the highest caliber, too.
  • An awning touts your brand by differentiating you from other businesses and your competitors. In a world in which so many people want to follow the leader, the distinctive nature of awnings sets you apart as the leader. Take a step back from the curb sometime and look up and down the street. There is no doubt that businesses with awnings “pop” and catch the attention of passersby. And for any business that is combating the influence of online competitors, this is a powerful differentiator indeed.
  • An awning touts your brand if you’re savvy enough to capitalize on the space underneath it. Awnings add instant style and accentuate architectural details from a distance. Up close, they provide an opportunity to bring people in (underneath them), and not only in inclement weather. Awnings offer shelter for booths and displays so that you can promote your business with displays, demonstrations, and product giveaways.

Protect Your Brand by Installing an Awning

  • An awning protects your brand because your business name, logo, and other information appear on a durable, vibrant, and easily cleaned fabric with a color-sensitive application. Many business owners are rightfully nervous about turning over their business font, colors, and especially logo for reproduction. They know that if these elements are not expertly handled, the final result will impugn the integrity of their brand. When business owners work with the premier awning company in eastern Massachusetts, they know that their brand will be treated with the utmost precision and the most studied attention to detail.

Your business—and your brand—deserve the best, which is why your business deserves the New Dorchester Awning Company. Call us for a consultation and ensure that the first impression your business makes is a lasting one. 

southwestawning commented on 24-Apr-2017 02:11 AM
Truly, the importance of burnishing of a brand cannot be ignored and the best way to do it, is install an awning right over your business front door. Thanks for sharing it is really helpful!
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