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Customers Who Smoke Are Still Your Guests So Protect Them from the Elements

Digital Strategies Support - Thursday, January 14, 2016

Smoking is a habit that many of us do not agree with or like, but a legally protected choice that many people engage in one way or the other. Many local and state governments have now passed laws to prevent people from smoking publicly indoors at places like restaurants and even in bars. This leaves establishments with the option to build a patio for their customers; but even if they do not have a patio or the option to build one, those same customers will need to go outside to smoke to comply with the law and be respectful of others who do not smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes.

These smokers are still your guests and smoking shelters and vestibules are the perfect way to keep the smokers compliant, respectful, and happy with a location of their own to engage in their choice to smoke. Smoking shelters and vestibules are more common to see nowadays. Do you need one at your location? Call Dorchester Awnings in the Boston area at 800-649-8686 or visit us on the website at


Smoking Shelters and Smoker Loyalty

One thing you want to try to avoid is shunning anyone. Smokers likely already feel insecure about having to go outside and hide away to participate in their habit of smoking a cigarette. If you’re a retail business, restaurant, or bar, a smoking shelter is a great way to build loyalty from smokers who appreciate a place to keep warm or dry during periods of unforgiving weather. You always want to try to build loyalty with your business, whenever and wherever you can, taking every opportunity to cater to your customers. Smokers are your guests, so treat them that way.

 A Way to Keep the Place Clean and Tidy

One of the major benefits to getting a smoking shelter at your business location in the Boston area is that you can keep your property generally free of loose cigarette butts that are often littered along parking lots or sidewalks from smokers tossing them aside before entering your building. A smoking vestibule is a great preventative maintenance measure for this problem. You will likely still see some trash or butts lying around from time to time, but the situation can drastically improve after using smoking shelters from Dorchester Awnings in Boston. Contact us today at 800-649-8686 to get a free quote and get one step closer to a cleaner walkway and parking lot.

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