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Custom Awnings vs. Canopies: What’s the Difference?

Digital Strategies Support - Monday, June 25, 2018

To the average consumer, it might seem like canopies and awnings are essentially the same thing. However, if you’re looking to make the investment, and an aesthetic addition to your home, you should understand the differences. Not only in appearance, but also in utility, installation, and maintenance, there are important distinctions to be made that will influence your purchase of a custom awning or canopy.

How They Are Used

Awning and canopies are similar in a few respects. They both offer protection from UV rays, pouring rain, and other harsh weather conditions. For the most part, they are both also made from canvas, vinyl or mesh tightly stretched across a metal frame. What really sets custom awnings and canopies apart is the ways in which they can protect you. For optimal rain protection with awnings, for example, you’ll have to make sure to add enough slope so the rain does not pool in the center. Canopies, however, have ample slopes, making them a more natural choice for rain protection.

Disassembly and Storage

While awnings are meant to be installed as permanent structures on your home for year-round shade, Canopies must be disassembled when not in use. One of the benefits of canopies, however, is that they are usually portable, and easy to take to events, or parks.


Regardless of whether you’re purchasing a custom awning or canopy, you want it to contribute to the aesthetic of your home. With retractable canopies, it’s important to remember that the supporting posts may look intrusive and even obstructive outside your home. Retractable awnings, on the other hand, don’t look nearly as intrusive. Since they’re mounted on walls, windows or doors, rather than affixed to the ground, they blend more seamlessly into your home. There are even some custom awnings with diagonal support arms, which hide their lateral arms and make them mesh much better with the wall.

Size is another important difference to keep in mind. Awnings usually reach up to 20 ft. in length, but can only be extended about 15 feet, meaning they are only useful for small- or medium-sized decks. Canopies, however, can reach 21 ft. long and 30 ft. wide, so they are more suitable for covering any deck size, yard, patio, or even a small field. This makes them ideal for hosting parties or other social events that require a large outdoor space. Pop-up canopies have become increasingly popular in sporting events and trade shows, and are extremely useful for showcasing businesses and products to the public.

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