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Commercial Awnings Colors and Styles Restaurants Can Use to Attract More Customers

Digital Strategies Support - Sunday, June 11, 2017

There is a lot that goes into attracting customers to your restaurant. Delicious food, friendly staff, and a good location all work together to give your customers a positive impression. All of those are important, but a nice atmosphere is perhaps one of the most essential aspects of your restaurant. A lovely atmosphere has a sense of je ne sais quoi that keeps customers coming back for more. One way to give your atmosphere that something extra is with commercial awnings.

Used inside or outside, an awning can make a difference in the aesthetic of your restaurant. A nice awning that coordinates with your brand, building, and atmosphere tells a story to your customers, showing what your business is all about.

Take a look at some of the color and style ideas that you can use to give your restaurant the atmosphere your customers are looking for.

Choose Classic Colors or Go Bold

Colors can send a message to your customers, contributing to the environment of your restaurant. Choose colors that go with your brand, the food you serve, the heritage, and the mood you are trying to create. Classic colors—red, blue, black, or stripes—fit a variety of establishments, or a nice modern color will invoke a completely different vibe.

Get a few ideas from these colors and their meanings:

  • Red=passion, energy, love
  • Orange=enthusiasm, creativity, determination
  • Yellow=joy, happiness, energy, intellect
  • Green=growth, freshness, harmony
  • Blue=depth, trust, calm, cleanliness
  • Purple=luxury, dignity, wealth

Make a Statement with Your Entrance

Even before customers walk into your establishment, they can get a feel for what it inside. Your entrance can make a statement with a commercial awning to set the mood. A simple dome over the door draws attention to the entrance, or a covered walkup adds a dose of luxury to the doorway.

Create an Outdoor Space

In nice weather, customers love the option to enjoy dining outdoors. Enjoying a nice view or even just a warm day from the vantage point of a deck or patio feels extra relaxing and a little indulgent. An awning or pergola makes outdoor dining even more comfortable, blocking your guests from too much sun.

Up the Style Factor

A commercial awning at your restaurant can give your building some added style points. Something as simple as putting awnings over your window—in either stylish convex or classic concave shapes—can give your building a finished, stylish look. Even better, coordinating your awnings with your restaurant’s color scheme, the surrounding buildings, and nature make the whole thing look polished. For extra marketing potential, add a logo or your restaurant’s name.

An awning has the potential to make your restaurant stand out from the other businesses in your area. Draw customers in with your coordinated style, polished look, and unique dining spaces. Whether you own a coffee shop, an old-fashioned hamburger joint, or a luxury establishment, an awning can make a big impact.

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