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Colors, Fabrics, and Styles! Endless Possibilities for Your Home or Business Awning

Digital Strategies Support - Saturday, July 16, 2016

With the summer solstice in the rearview mirror and the season stepping into full swing, now’s a great time for businesses and homeowners alike to seriously consider the benefits of awnings and canopies. 

Add a Splash of Color with a Custom Awning 

Awnings greatly enhance the outdoor decor and curb appeal of your home or workplace by providing a splash of color and another dimension for you to play with. You can use your custom home awning to achieve energy savings, reduce heat gain, or as an excuse to trot out outdoor furniture and have guests over more often

Awnings placed over your business’s storefront can tell customers how you can help while lending the aesthetic touch that you want. For homeowners and businesses alike, awnings also provide a spot to stay dry and get a little protection from inclement weather. 

Retractable Awnings for Homeowners 

Another thing to consider if you’re a homeowner concerned about saving space, being discrete, or unfurling your awning only when you need it is the retractable awning option. Retractable awnings allow you to cantilever your awning frame in and out so that it can go from fully extended to flush against your home quickly, discretely, and efficiently. 

Dome and Quarter Round Awnings 

Dome and quarter round awnings—called quarter round because these awnings are quarter circles from the side view—are also great options for business owners looking to spruce up their workplace’s aesthetics while putting their name front and center.

That’s because dome and quarter round awnings provide weather protection, a splash of color that matches your business brand, and the option to add customized graphics. Since dome and quarter round awnings are so resilient—and made from high-quality vinyl, polyester, and acrylic—they can provide year-round advertising and protection for your business. 

Entrance Awnings and Metal Awnings 

Enthusiastic customers rave that the new Dorchester Awning Company uses high-quality materials and brings great customer service and custom designs for each awning system to fit your exact requirements. The Dorchester Awning Company can help you find the color scheme, graphics, awning style, and fabrics for your home’s or business’s next awning. 

A square or convex entrance business awning can get your graphics front and center, list phone numbers that might be helpful to customers, and provide an address so that you’re easier to find. The Dorchester Awning Company can also provide your business with resilient and weather-protecting metal awnings that match the color scheme, graphics, and brand of your business. 

Awnings as Smoking Shelters and Bike Protection 

Restaurants that cater to smoking customers and customers who want to eat outdoors or enjoy a moment’s respite from the rain might want to consider awnings that act as commercial smoking shelters.

These can go in the front or back of your restaurant or business and be designed to enhance rather than detract from your building’s architectural motifs. In addition, if you’re a property manager or a business owner, another awning option worth considering is commercial bike rack awnings

Mix and Match for Your Personalized Needs! 

There are a half-dozen of the most popular awning styles from which to choose and dozens of popular design and color options, and the flexibility of our design process allows us to customize graphics and other design details for your home or business. Contact the Dorchester Awning Company to get started today. 

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