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The Awnings Blog - Dorchester Awning

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Unusual Angle? Unique Shape? No Matter How Your Property is Built, We’ve Got You Covered!

Digital Strategies Support - Tuesday, November 12, 2019

You might think that in order to take advantage of the many benefits of custom awnings, your property must conform to certain architectural specifications or parameters. But the fact is, nothing could be further from the truth! When you rely on Dorchester Awning for your awning installation in Boston, you can rest assured that no matter how your home or business is built, no matter what style it’s in or what its age, we can craft awnings or canopies for it that will enhance your property beautifully and meet your needs and expectations.

Our Design Experts Can Get It Done

No matter what kind or style of home or business you own, we can add value and interest to it with our custom awnings and canopies. We’ll start the process by listening to you, getting as much information and input from you as we can, so we can design and install awnings that perfectly reflect the personality of your property. We’ll help you decide on colors and styles, and will make sure that whatever you decide on, it’s within your budget. After you’ve narrowed down some choices, we’ll visit your property to get a sense of its architecture and place in the neighborhood, and to get a better understanding of how the awning styles you favor will work in that setting. Our attention to detail is important because custom awnings are so much more than fabric and steel. When designed and installed with care, they become a recognizable symbol of your home or business, and will add visual interest to your property for years to come.

See it Before We Build It

Before we begin your awning installation in Boston, we typically like to create a computer model of what your awnings will look like on your property. This will allow you to get a better sense of how they’ll complement your home or business and give us a chance to make any necessary changes or adjustments to their design and installation. This computer generation is an important step in the process of creating your custom awnings, especially if they’re meant for your business, because you’ll be able to see how your business’s graphics integrate themselves into the style and colors you’ve chosen for your awnings.

Once you’ve approved of their design, our experienced staff will create your awnings in our workshop, after which they’ll be carefully and expertly installed by our team of professionals. Here is where we’ll make any last-minute adjustments as necessary — but we don’t stop there. Because we want to make sure your awnings continue to delight and impress, we offer free maintenance, cleaning, and adjustments as needed.

We are experts at the design and creation of our custom products, and when it comes to awning installation in Boston we are peerless! Don’t leave the details to anyone else — we can craft awnings or canopies for your home or business, no matter what their architecture or style might be!

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can add value and interest to your property!

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