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7 Reasons Why Outdoor Awnings are Great for Business of All Shapes and Sizes

Digital Strategies Support - Sunday, June 25, 2017

An outdoor awning is a smart investment for a business. These stylish additions to your building have a variety of purposes and benefits, whether you run a restaurant or a retail space. Here are # reasons why an awning makes a great addition to your business.

#1 Make a Good First Impression

From the second your customers and clients spot your building, you want to leave an impression. An outdoor awning—shading the windows, protecting the walk up, or covering the front entrance—creates a clean, professional look before a customer even walks through the door. 

#2 Showcase Your Business

You worked hard to come up with a name and logo that fit your business, so why not showcase it on an awning? Another option is to advertise what your business does on your window awnings. For example, an insurance company could put “Home, Life, Auto” on their awnings to let customers know the type of coverage they offer. The opportunities are limitless!

#3 Create Outdoor Lounge Areas

An outdoor lounge area is very attractive to customers. Use an outdoor awning to make a covered patio where guests can eat or relax in the shade. An outdoor space is an obvious choice for a restaurant or café, but businesses in all industries can benefit from the idea.

#4 Protect Your Investment

Chances are you have invested a lot of money and time into designing and constructing the inside of your business. Flooring and furniture don’t come cheap, and they make a statement about the work that you do. When sunlight comes in through the windows for hours every day, that can cause fading and damage to your furniture. An awning over your windows will help alleviate some of that sun damage while still letting natural light in, giving you the best of both worlds.

#5 Reduce Energy Costs

Just like sun shining through your windows can cause damage, it can also heat the place up. Not only does installing an awning or shade on your windows keep the sun out, but it keeps a lot of the heat out too. Minimizing the heat that comes in through the windows on a hot day can help cut down on cooling costs.

#6 Show Off Your Style

What better way to attract customers than by showing off your style. A sophisticated awning ups the style factor on your building. An awning that complements the building and its surroundings grabs potential customers’ attention as it showcases your business’s aesthetics.

#7 Create a Presence

Whether your business has its own standalone building or is part of a larger complex, an outdoor awning can create a presence. In fact, an awning is more than just a style choice. It adds dimension to your aesthetic, bringing depth and elegance to your whole operation. Making a statement and building a presence are important for your business to succeed, and an awning can help you achieve that.

Dorchester Awnings is experienced in commercial awnings. Count on us to help you realize your vision. Read our reviews to find out what our customers think of us!

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