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How to Clean Your Home or Business Awning

Digital Strategies Support - Monday, September 25, 2017

Today's awnings are made from highly resilient, antimicrobial fabrics so that your awning can continue to look great years after purchase.

Over time, though, you still might find leaves and other debris making its way onto the surface of your awning. 

Brushing Off Debris 

The first thing that you're probably going to want to do to keep your awning looking fresh is brush off any dirt or debris that you come across.

Put your safety first and make sure that you're standing on a secure ladder before beginning the process. 

Use a Cleaning Solution 

If you're finding that after a quick sweep there's still dirt or residue on your awning, then you might want to consider using a homemade, safe solution.

Mixing water and Dawn or another everyday cleaner like Woolite in a bowl and using that as your DIY scrubbing solution can work wonders. 

For more stubborn stains you might want to consider using an outdoor cleaner. This can get the job done whether you have a home awning or a business awning that you need to stay immaculately clean to send the right message to future customers

Although a home or business awning purchased from The New Dorchester Awning Company will come with antimicrobial fabrics designed to repel mildew and mold, you can use these kinds of outdoor cleaning agents (with gloves!) to remove stains or debris that have fallen on your awning. 

How to Go About It 

With most outdoor cleaners, you simply spray it onto the awning or gently rub it in, wait about a minute, then wash everything off with a hose.

You want to make sure that you don't over scrub, though, because doing so could cause the fabric to fade or the water-repellent coating to prematurely fade. 

In this step-by-step guide on how to clean your awning, it's advised that you scrub your awning with a stiff brush that's first been dipped into your own DIY cleaning solution of water and Dawn or, for more serious jobs, a store-bought outdoor cleaning agent. 

Gently hose off your home or business awning after gently scrubbing with your brush. Then wait for your awning to dry before determining whether you need to scrub a bit more to get out all of the grime. Remember to be gentle. 

Unfortunately, even business awnings built with antimicrobial fabrics can suffer their fair share of abuse when put into an urban environment filled with diesel trucks, birds, and weather that can turn surprisingly harsh at a moment's notice. 

Awnings from The New Dorchester Awning Company are designed from solution-dyed acrylic, which is used to lend your home or business awning incredibly vibrant coloration, long-lasting dependability, and easy cleaning.

Because the fabric is so tough to begin with, many homeowners and business owners find that a monthly clean with cool or warm (never hot) water is all that it takes to keep their awning looking as clean and vibrant as the day that they had it installed. 

Cautionary Advice for Power Washing 

Simply spraying your home or business awning with a hose once a month is a good general maintenance practice to keep things looking fresh. For more intensive cleaning, consider using a cleaning solution or a low-pressure setting on a pressure washer (low PSI setting) that has a dispersed output. With a pressure washer, you really want to be careful and avoid any concentrated settings or using a PSI strong enough to damage your awning's fabric.

If you're really concerned about more year-round awning protection, then ask Dorchester Awning how a UV sealant could further improve your awning's durability. 

Find Out How Adding Color to Your Awning Can Bring in More Business

Digital Strategies Support - Monday, September 11, 2017

Anyone who runs a business knows how important curb appeal is. The more aesthetically pleasing the exterior of your business is, the more likely customers are to walk in and take a look. If you don't put any thought into your curb appeal, not only could it scare customers away (especially if your exterior is in disrepair), but customers may not even notice your business to begin with.

One way that you can draw the eye to your place of business is by installing outdoor awnings on the exterior. Outdoor awnings can help provide visual depth to an otherwise flat exterior. However, when you choose an awning, it's important that you use the right colors. The following are a few ways in which the color you use can bring in more business:

Create Brand Recognition

If people are already familiar with your brand, then using the colors in your brand's logo on your awning will make it easier for them to recognize your store. This is important for making sure that customers who are looking for your store are able to find it from the road. This way, if you're located in a strip mall, for example, someone who might be looking for you won't just drive by without seeing your store and then give up, only to go somewhere else.

Additionally, if you haven't yet established your brand, the colors you use for your awning will help you do so. People will come to recognize your store by the awning and its color, which means that they will more easily recognize your brand should you ever open up another location using the same colored outdoor awnings.

Incite Specific Emotions

The colors you choose for your outdoor awnings shouldn't just concern your brand. Colors are vital to incite certain emotions in customers. This is why certain types of businesses should not only use certain types of colors in their outdoor awnings, but also in their branding in general, from their logo to their website design. The following are some of the different colors you can use to help instill a certain emotional response from your customers:

  • Red - Red is a bold color used to generate excitement and urgency. Many companies use red as a way to make their brand seem new and exciting. Some examples include Nintendo, Lego, and Target. Red is also known to induce hunger, which is why fast food restaurants often use red, such as McDonald's and Burger King.
  • Green - Green tends to represent health, nature, and growth. Grocery stores, especially organic-based health stores, often use green, such as Whole Foods.
  • Blue - Blue represents dependability, trust, and wisdom. This is a good color for businesses that are selling services, such as repair services. A lot of electronic-based brands, like Dell, HP, and Intel use blue.
  • Purple - Purple is often associated with royalty and wisdom, which is why it's commonly used for businesses that sell beauty products.
  • Black - Black represents power, stability, and strength. Too much black can be overwhelming, but some black can help get this association across. Stores that sell business clothing often wear black, as do law firms. Guinness and Nike are two companies that use black very effectively.

As you can imagine, not only can outdoor awnings help attract more customers to your store, but the use of specific colors can help to get them in the mood to buy whatever products or services that you have to offer. For more information about installing outdoor awnings on your property to improve your business, be sure to contact us at Dorchester Awning today.

Retractable Awnings vs. Fixed Awnings: What's the Difference?

Digital Strategies Support - Friday, August 25, 2017

Awnings are an elegant yet practical investment for any home or business. Not only will they make a colorful, eye-catching accent on your house or commercial building, but they'll also help reduce your energy bills by shielding the interior from solar heat gain. Blocking the sun's rays keeps your interior spaces more comfortable, too, and preserves the furnishings and flooring from UV-related fading and deterioration. Awnings can also create usable and enjoyable space outdoors by providing a protected area – usually on a deck or patio – that's sheltered from the sun and rain.

When you begin investigating your awning options, you'll discover that you have a choice of two main types: fixed and retractable. While the two types have a couple of characteristics in common, it's important to learn about the major differences so you can make an informed decision about which one best suits your needs.

Fixed Awning Basics

Fixed awnings consist of a welded metal frame that's finished with a durable fabric or aluminum-slat cover. Just as the name implies, these awnings are attached in a fixed position to a building wall above a doorway, patio door, or window. Here are some of the unique characteristics of fixed awnings:

  • These awnings are designed to be permanent, so they're sturdily constructed to withstand the elements.
  • You can choose from a number of distinctive fixed awning styles, such as concave, dome, elongated dome, and quarter round/convex. The finished awning can have a plain edge, or feature a loose or fixed valance.
  • They come in a wide range of sizes to suit different purposes, and an array of rich colors, beautiful patterns, and custom-designed combinations.
  • Larger fixed awnings – also called canopies – require support legs or brackets, but they can be used to create a protected outdoor area at your place of business, or as a cover on your deck or patio to extend your home's living space.
  • Installing a fixed awning is a stylish way to highlight your business location, and it gives you an excellent spot to place your business name and/or logo to enhance your branding.

All About Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings offer the same superb rain and sun protection as fixed versions do, but they differ dramatically in their design and how they function. Here are some of the stand-out attributes of retractable awnings:

  • Fashioned from high-quality outdoor fabric, these awnings roll in and out of their own weather-resistant, wall-mounted housing on durable roller and extension mechanisms.
  • These beautiful awnings are ruggedly built and engineered to withstand both upward and downward wind forces.
  • Retractable lateral arm awnings come in a range of widths and extension lengths to suit different purposes, such as covering a west-facing patio or shading a pool. 
  • Retractable pivot arm awnings allow you to change the angle as well as the amount of extension, so they're ideal for shading a single window or a porch with multiple windows.
  • This kind of awning features either manual or motorized operation so it can be easily extended when needed and retracted after use or during bad weather, with a turn of the crank or the touch of the button.
  • You can choose from an array of stunning striped, solid, and patterned awning materials from leading outdoor fabric manufacturers, so it's easy to find the perfect complement to your home or business' exterior color palette.

As you can see, there are quite a few differences between fixed and retractable awnings. For personalized advice about the ideal type and style of awning for your home or business needs, contact us today at Dorchester Awning!

Do Awnings Help Increase the Curb Appeal and Value of Your Home?

Digital Strategies Support - Friday, August 11, 2017

Are you hemming and hawing over the possibility of installing one or more awnings to cover your home's windows, entry areas, or a patio

Perhaps you've heard that awnings will add significant "curb appeal" and will add resale value to your home, but you're not quite sure if it's true. Well, it is. And here's why.

How Awnings Enhance Curb Appeal

First of all, awnings adorn windows the same way that curtains can on the inside of a house. Along with shutters, they add character to what might otherwise be a bare exterior wall. 

Second, awnings can complement or pleasantly contrast with the color of your home's siding, brick, stone, painted wood, or other facade. You may wish to match your awnings, for example, to the trim or roof color instead of the exterior wall color. But the point is, they can fit in with your existing design since they come in such a great variety of styles.

Third, your awning can catch the eye by its very shape, be it domed, concave, a rounded entrance canopy, or a triangular fixed frame.

How Awnings Can Increase Your Home's Value

Sun shade awnings over your windows can cut down on excess heat entering your home by around 75% and can reduce your summer cooling bill by up to 20%. Anyone buying a home will consider the energy efficiency of their potential investment before making a final decision.

A second way awnings add value to your home is by creating more usable outdoor space. Sun shade awnings over your entryway provide a place in the shade and out of the rain. Retractable (or fixed) awnings over porches and patios make those porches and patios usable for a greater portion of the year. And a free-standing awning or an awning shading a grassy spot around a backyard door is a cheap way to add shaded space (and that adds value.)

A third reason an awning can boost home value is that, if you invest in durable awnings that are easy to maintain, they will last for a long time and look about as good as new. The heavy, sun-resistant fabric of many modern, upper-tier awnings prevent colors from fading. And many are also able to stand up to water, snow, wind, and the full gamut of New England seasonal weather patterns.

Remember the Practical Usefulness of Awnings

Given that we live in a day and age when many live in the same house for less than five years on average, boosting curb appeal and resale value are major concerns, don't forget about yourself either.

It may be that you will live in the same home for decades to come, and it will be you and your family who will reap all the benefits of awnings: aesthetics, shade, shelter, energy savings, extra outdoor space, durability, and more. 

Choosing Your Awning Provider

Finally, to ensure your awning will be all you want it to be, "be picky" about who you hire to design, build, and install it.

If you are interested in investing in high-quality awnings manufactured and installed by a well-respected company, consider Dorchester Awning, which has over a century of experience under its belt. 

For a free quote from Dorchester Awning, click on the link or call us directly at 800-649-8686.

Dorchester serves Massachusetts and much of New England, and we can provide you with customized sun shade awnings of any variety you desire.

3 Ways to Save Money by Investing in a Home Awning

Digital Strategies Support - Tuesday, July 25, 2017

For homeowners, finding something to add to the home that looks good and saves money is like finding the holy grail. The search is over, because a home awning comes with both money savings and a beautiful aesthetic that you can’t get from many other home additions.

We know what you’re thinking: how does a home awning save me money?

Let us answer your question with some questions of our own.

  • Did you know that the sun coming in through your windows can be responsible for as much as 20% of the work your air conditioner puts in?
  • Did you know that in 1990 alone, residential and commercial buildings in the U.S. spent $20 billion on energy to offset the heat gain and loss through windows?
  • Did you know that awnings can reduce the amount of heat coming in through your windows by as much as 77%?

Keeping the sun out during the summer saves you money on keeping your home cool. Even better, reducing your air conditioners’ work load may even help it last longer and work better. Here are three ways to use home awnings to help your home stay cool and look good.

#1 Window Awnings

One of the most effective ways to keep sun from coming in through windows is with a window awning. Available in a variety of styles and fabrics from Dorchester Awnings, a window awning shades your windows and keeps the sun out. As we mentioned, that keeps the sun from coming in but it also protects the inside of your home from sun damage. Sun coming in through glass can cause your furniture, carpet, rugs, and hardwood floors to fade, which can be expensive down the line.

We have window awnings to match virtually any style and preference. Traditional, colonial, ultra-modern, and every style in between can find an awning to be the perfect complement.

#2 Shaded Patio or Deck

An amazing addition to pretty much any home is an outdoor gathering space like a patio or deck. In most cases, a patio or deck is framed by windows that showcase the view to the yard but also let in sunlight. Adding shade to a patio or deck with an awning is a great way to still get that view but prevent the sun from coming inside.

Dorchester Awnings offers outdoor shades that are retractable or permanent, giving you options for your home. Both retractable and permanent awnings are easy to maintain and available in a variety of styles to match your home. 

#3 Door Awnings

Doors are a less likely culprit for gaining heat, but glass doors provide a large area through which sunlight can enter your home. Installing an awning over the top of a door adds a nice, finished look to your home while providing the energy saving benefits we’ve already mentioned.

Just like our window awnings and patio shades, our door awnings come in a range of colors, shapes, and styles. Easy to install and even easier to maintain, a door awning is the perfect finishing touch to your energy-saving additions.

Investing in a home awning is a smart way to up the curb appeal of your home and keep your cooling costs down in the summer. Take a look at Dorchester Awnings’ options for your home, and see what you can do to save a little dough every summer. 

How to Throw the Perfect BBQ Summer Bash

Digital Strategies Support - Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer is almost over, so now is the time to get your backyard party on! Throwing the perfect summer bash is an art, so we have put together some tips to help you throw a smokin’ barbecue.

Start with a Theme

The theme of your party sets the tone for the entire event. A theme can be all-encompassing and influence everything from food to décor to your guests’ wardrobe. Or you can follow your theme more loosely, using it as a guide for getting started.

Here are some of our favorite summer party themes:

  • USA—Use all the leftover Americana from your 4th of July celebration to enjoy a patriotic evening with your guests, complete with traditional barbecue fare like hamburgers and watermelon.
  • Aloha!—Pretend you are getting away to a tropical island with sweet pork, grilled pineapple, and fruity cocktails.
  • Movie Night—Set up a plain white sheet and a projector so guests can cuddle up to watch a movie outdoors. Complete the effect with tasty concessions like popcorn and hot dogs.
  • Sailors on Land—This nautical theme practically begs for fun details like starfish plates, knotted rope, and seafood. Boat shoes and white pants are encouraged!
  • Water Fight—A perfect idea for kids, a water fight party should have plenty of water balloons, sprinklers, and squirt guns.

Create a Perfect Party Space

A popular party trend is creating a lush living space outdoors with furniture, rugs, and other décor. Ensure your guests have plenty of places to sit with clusters of chairs and outdoor sofas throughout the backyard.

One of the best ways to create a party space that feels like an extension of your home is with a custom awning. Covering a patio or deck with a custom awning protects your guests from the sun and adds a cozy, homey feel to your backyard bash. You can even hang decorations on a custom awning to add to the ambience; twinkle lights, balloons, and lush greenery are all great party options.

Don’t Forget Food

The most important part of a barbecue is the food. When you throw a party, think about how the food fits in with the theme, the time of day, and your guests’ preferences. Traditional barbecue food—hamburgers, potato salad, corn on the cob, and all the fixings—is usually a safe bet for a backyard bash. Want something a little more unexpected? Get creative! Try some of these ideas:

  • Taco bar—This easy party trick is an instant hit! Give guests the option of soft tortillas or hard taco shells, and all the toppings they could dream of!
  • Make your own kabobs—Food on a stick makes for easy eating at a casual get together. Put out a variety of grillable veggies—peppers, pearl onions, asparagus—and meats so guests can spear their food for cooking.
  • Finger foods—A mid-afternoon party is perfect for lighter fare. Anything that you can spear with a toothpick or dip with a cracker is perfect for this; think cucumber sandwiches, sausage and pineapple bites, or jalapeno poppers.

Did Someone Say Cocktail?

We know you weren’t going to forget a delicious beverage (or three) to serve your guests. Make things easy on yourself by making a large batch of a cocktail or punch that guests can serve themselves. Finish things off with water bottles, cans of soda, beer, or wine.

There you have it! Now that the party planning is done for you, all that’s left is set a date and invite your guests. Take advantage of these last few months of summer by throwing an unforgettable outdoor party that you can look back on when the weather gets cold.

If you need help creating the outdoor space of your dreams, get in touch with Dorchester Awnings. We’ll give you a free quote on the custom awning that can turn your party up a notch!

7 Reasons Why Outdoor Awnings are Great for Business of All Shapes and Sizes

Digital Strategies Support - Sunday, June 25, 2017

An outdoor awning is a smart investment for a business. These stylish additions to your building have a variety of purposes and benefits, whether you run a restaurant or a retail space. Here are # reasons why an awning makes a great addition to your business.

#1 Make a Good First Impression

From the second your customers and clients spot your building, you want to leave an impression. An outdoor awning—shading the windows, protecting the walk up, or covering the front entrance—creates a clean, professional look before a customer even walks through the door. 

#2 Showcase Your Business

You worked hard to come up with a name and logo that fit your business, so why not showcase it on an awning? Another option is to advertise what your business does on your window awnings. For example, an insurance company could put “Home, Life, Auto” on their awnings to let customers know the type of coverage they offer. The opportunities are limitless!

#3 Create Outdoor Lounge Areas

An outdoor lounge area is very attractive to customers. Use an outdoor awning to make a covered patio where guests can eat or relax in the shade. An outdoor space is an obvious choice for a restaurant or café, but businesses in all industries can benefit from the idea.

#4 Protect Your Investment

Chances are you have invested a lot of money and time into designing and constructing the inside of your business. Flooring and furniture don’t come cheap, and they make a statement about the work that you do. When sunlight comes in through the windows for hours every day, that can cause fading and damage to your furniture. An awning over your windows will help alleviate some of that sun damage while still letting natural light in, giving you the best of both worlds.

#5 Reduce Energy Costs

Just like sun shining through your windows can cause damage, it can also heat the place up. Not only does installing an awning or shade on your windows keep the sun out, but it keeps a lot of the heat out too. Minimizing the heat that comes in through the windows on a hot day can help cut down on cooling costs.

#6 Show Off Your Style

What better way to attract customers than by showing off your style. A sophisticated awning ups the style factor on your building. An awning that complements the building and its surroundings grabs potential customers’ attention as it showcases your business’s aesthetics.

#7 Create a Presence

Whether your business has its own standalone building or is part of a larger complex, an outdoor awning can create a presence. In fact, an awning is more than just a style choice. It adds dimension to your aesthetic, bringing depth and elegance to your whole operation. Making a statement and building a presence are important for your business to succeed, and an awning can help you achieve that.

Dorchester Awnings is experienced in commercial awnings. Count on us to help you realize your vision. Read our reviews to find out what our customers think of us!

Commercial Awnings Colors and Styles Restaurants Can Use to Attract More Customers

Digital Strategies Support - Sunday, June 11, 2017

There is a lot that goes into attracting customers to your restaurant. Delicious food, friendly staff, and a good location all work together to give your customers a positive impression. All of those are important, but a nice atmosphere is perhaps one of the most essential aspects of your restaurant. A lovely atmosphere has a sense of je ne sais quoi that keeps customers coming back for more. One way to give your atmosphere that something extra is with commercial awnings.

Used inside or outside, an awning can make a difference in the aesthetic of your restaurant. A nice awning that coordinates with your brand, building, and atmosphere tells a story to your customers, showing what your business is all about.

Take a look at some of the color and style ideas that you can use to give your restaurant the atmosphere your customers are looking for.

Choose Classic Colors or Go Bold

Colors can send a message to your customers, contributing to the environment of your restaurant. Choose colors that go with your brand, the food you serve, the heritage, and the mood you are trying to create. Classic colors—red, blue, black, or stripes—fit a variety of establishments, or a nice modern color will invoke a completely different vibe.

Get a few ideas from these colors and their meanings:

  • Red=passion, energy, love
  • Orange=enthusiasm, creativity, determination
  • Yellow=joy, happiness, energy, intellect
  • Green=growth, freshness, harmony
  • Blue=depth, trust, calm, cleanliness
  • Purple=luxury, dignity, wealth

Make a Statement with Your Entrance

Even before customers walk into your establishment, they can get a feel for what it inside. Your entrance can make a statement with a commercial awning to set the mood. A simple dome over the door draws attention to the entrance, or a covered walkup adds a dose of luxury to the doorway.

Create an Outdoor Space

In nice weather, customers love the option to enjoy dining outdoors. Enjoying a nice view or even just a warm day from the vantage point of a deck or patio feels extra relaxing and a little indulgent. An awning or pergola makes outdoor dining even more comfortable, blocking your guests from too much sun.

Up the Style Factor

A commercial awning at your restaurant can give your building some added style points. Something as simple as putting awnings over your window—in either stylish convex or classic concave shapes—can give your building a finished, stylish look. Even better, coordinating your awnings with your restaurant’s color scheme, the surrounding buildings, and nature make the whole thing look polished. For extra marketing potential, add a logo or your restaurant’s name.

An awning has the potential to make your restaurant stand out from the other businesses in your area. Draw customers in with your coordinated style, polished look, and unique dining spaces. Whether you own a coffee shop, an old-fashioned hamburger joint, or a luxury establishment, an awning can make a big impact.

Get in touch with Dorchester Awnings to see what we can do for you!


Stylish and Energy Efficient? 5 Reasons Why Awnings Are a Great Idea

Digital Strategies Support - Thursday, May 25, 2017

A cool, shady spot in your yard makes relaxing outdoors so nice. Having a barbecue, unwinding after work, and spending time with your family are all more comfortable in the shade of an awning. But backyard comfort isn’t the only benefit of adding an awning to your home. These installations add to the appearance of your home, save money on energy, and a variety of other benefits.

Keep reading to learn more.

#1 Added Style Factor

House awnings are available in styles that match any home. Whether your style is ultra-modern, farmhouse chic, stately colonial and everything else in between, you can find an awning that will complement your home’s exterior. Nowadays, house awning styles incorporate weight, light, shape, color, and profile to create a statement or blend seamlessly with your home.

In addition, there can be no doubt about the benefits of curb appeal. If you are going to sell your home down the line, making sure it is attractive from the outside can only help. Lovely shades and awnings make your home more appealing from the outside and show prospective buyers how they can use the spaces.

#2 Money Savings

When you add a house awning, look at it as an investment. In addition, using awnings to shade your windows makes the house more energy efficient, saving you money on the costs of keeping it cool in the summer. An awning blocks some of the sun from coming in through the windows and heating up your house, which can save you money on electric bills in the long term. Not only do awnings block the heat, but they keep a glare off your TV and the sun off your nice furniture and carpeting, helping to prevent sun damage over time.

#3 Protect from the Elements

Probably the most obvious benefit of an awning is that it gives shade on a hot summer day. Shading your windows, patio, and deck from the sun keeps you cool when you are outdoors and protects expensive outdoor patio furniture from getting bleached and discolored by the sun. Even more importantly, sitting outdoors under an awning protects you from the sun’s harmful rays which can cause premature signs of aging or skin cancer. An added benefit is that you can enjoy your outdoor space even when the weather is bad, as the awning protects from rain as well.

#4 Low Maintenance

Because awnings are so beautiful and functional, you might think that they are high maintenance. This is not true! A high-quality house awning requires little care to keep it in top shape. If your awning is retractable, bringing it in when weather is bad will help keep it strong and pristine. Even stationary awnings only require spot cleaning and the occasional washing to keep it looking sharp.

#5 Long-Lasting Value

Modern awnings are made with high-quality fabrics and frames, which make them last for years. With proper care, an awning can bring energy savings and an added style factor to your home for 7-10 years.

You can enjoy all these benefits when you add an awning to your home. For the awning experts in Dorchester, Massachusetts, contact the Dorchester Awning, Company!

8 Ways to Keep Your Awning in Tip Top Shape

Digital Strategies Support - Thursday, May 11, 2017

When you have invested in an awning to keep your outdoor space shaded, caring for your investment is essential. Proper awning care can help ensure that your awning lasts for years.

The best way to take care of your awnings is to do regular maintenance and cleaning. Think of it like taking care of your carpet: You vacuum regularly to keep dirt from getting embedded in your floors, which makes semi-annual steam cleaning go much more smoothly. Regular maintenance keeps everything in your house in tip top shape, and your awnings are no different.

Read this blog to learn some of the regular awning care that will keep your investment looking good.

Seasonal Awning Care

Sweep all loose dirt off both the top and bottom of the awning. Not only does this keep the fabric looking bright and pristine, but it prevents dirt from building up over time. Use a broom with soft bristles to protect the fabric from wear.

Trim all shrubs, vines, and trees to keep them from touching or rubbing on the fabric. Many plants contain an acid that wears down awning fabric, causing discoloration. In addition, branches and twigs can tear or poke holes in your awning, so it is best to keep these plants from coming into contact with your investment.

Check for any sign of holes or tears. Small holes or tears are easy to repair, so if you notice something small, get it fixed immediately before it becomes something big.

Yearly Awning Care

Keep your awning on its frame for washing. In most cases, you do not need to take your awning down to give it a proper cleaning, making the whole process easy.

Spray the entire awning with cool water on both the top and the underside. This rinses off the more stubborn dirt that might not come off with sweeping. Spray down your awning on a hot, sunny day to help it dry. If you have a retractable awning, ensure that it is completely dry before you retract it. Retracting wet fabric allows for mildew growth, which you want to avoid at all costs.

Wash the top with a solution of water and mild soap. Use a soft bristle brush or cloth to work the solution into the fabric from the bottom to the top, and then allow some time for the solution to soak in. Next, rinse the awning thoroughly with a hose, until all the soap residue is gone. Rinsing is incredibly important in this process, as soap residue can cause discoloration or provide a place for mildew to grow.

Spot Clean as Needed

Watch for things like bird droppings, tree sap, oil, paint, and rust. All of these can leave stains if they aren’t treated quickly. As soon as you notice a stain or spot on your awning, clean it off properly to keep stains from setting in.

When you see spots such as these, contact Dorchester Awning Company for advice on how to remove them. Do not use chemicals or cleaning supplies unless we recommend them, as they may cause damage to your awning.

Protect Retractable Awnings from Weather

If you chose a retractable awning, taking proper care of it is easy! Lucky for you, retractable awnings can be brought in to protect them from the elements. High speed winds, rain, and snow can all damage your investment, so retracting your awning during weather conditions such as these protects them.  

Have questions about keeping your awnings in tip top shape? Contact Dorchester Awning Company to get your questions answered by a member of our team.

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